Informational Interview with Bebe McPhereson, Ruler of Department of Descriptive Services

Informational Interview with Bebe McPhereson, Ruler of Department of Descriptive Services

Bobby Weirdo: Hello, is this Bebe McPhereson from the Department of Descriptive Services?

Bebe McPhereson: Why, yes it is! Hello.

BW: Hello. Nice to talk to you.

BM: Thank you so much for calling, Bobby Weirdo. It is such a pleasure to hear your voice.

BW: It’s a pleasure hearing yours, and you know, I was just having some cell difficulties, and I thought it was perfect, because I know that’s one of the topics that the Department of Descriptive Services covers in their research and their information disbursement.

BM: That’s correct – system failure is our specialty [sung].

BW: I wanted to ask how many people are actually in the Department of Descriptive Services

BM: Oh yes. Now that is quite a number. The number of the people that are involved in the Department of Descriptive Services is a giganticwhopping…three [giggles]. At this time there are three: My love –the gorgeous, talented, brilliant-beyond-words husb Bronze John Sikora,  as well as Ashley Hibbs who is always on location in Berlin, which is our main headquarters. He is constantly doing research – a very busy man in Berlin [extended laughing]. Oh, and myself. Of course. Bebe McPhereson – the Ruler of the Department of Descriptive Services.

BW: So you are in a different branch than the Berlin branch. Where is that?

BM: We are located in Los Angeles. In Los Feliz, as a matter of fact, close to the cursed Griffith Park. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

BW: My understanding is that this is the second album of information that D.O.D.S. has released. Is that correct?

BM: Yes, it is. This is our second album of information, titled Governmental, and we describe  goings-on like “Cell Tower Proliferations”, all the “Night Dreams” one can have in the city, as well as “That Law”, “City Bus”, and let us not forget the “Poison Control” Center.

BW: Now, I wanted to ask you about the Poison Control Center. I’ve seen the video

BM: Great.

BW: Heard the song…

BM: Great. Thank you. Great.

BW: And I wanted to ask what the inspiration for that was. Was there anything in particular that led to you writing that song?

BM: Well, you see, I used to live in Arizona a long, long time ago. Oh gosh – hundreds of years [ago]. One time I got lost in the desert, and then I was so thirsty when I got home, that I grabbed the first bottle I saw. I swallowed it down and drank the shit out of that bottle. I mean, I drank it all down, and it tasted really good, but also a little strange. I checked the bottle, and I realized what I just ingested was poison. So I had to call the Poison Control Center and it was a long a drawn-out thing, so our informational video does go into detail. It’s very informative, and it’s very important that people are aware of the goings-on with the Poison Control Center. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

BW: I’ve met a lot of kind of wild people from Arizona. Do you think there’s something in the water there, or maybe the sun? What do you think it is about Arizona that makes it such a special place?

BM: I think that it’s the sun, and what it does to the brain. Growing up in Arizona, it’s just so hot. So that heat comes up through the feet, through the legs, through the entire system, the nervous system, the muscular system. It chooses neurological areas, and it creates a subtle melting to just the right kind of liquid,  and it makes the brain a little different. With some folks it works out great, and with some folks, it does not work. But that OK, because that’s how life is [giggles, then sighs].

BW: Well it definitely worked out well in your case.

BM: Oh, why thank you. How positive.

BW: There’s another person it worked out well for, and I wonder if you could either confirm or deny a rumor I have long heard, and that is that you are Bob Log III’s sister. Is that true, or just a rumor?

BM: That is actually factual. That is true. He is my older brother, and we both grew up in Arizona. He is a wonderful guitarist. He is so good at the guitar. I, on the other hand, am not good at the guitar. I can’t even really touch one. I’m not allowed. That’s my own rule for myself. I mean, a few times I’ve picked one up and pretended I knew what I was doing. I like the action of [playing] the guitar, and like to rock out as if I am a great shredder. And I try, and I do it, but then I also put it down and step away.

Another thing he’s good at is traveling. He’s on tour all the time, and the world is his home. He is great at that, and he reaches so many lands. I’ve done it in the past, but at this moment I am currently, fully engaged with the D.O.D.S. Researching Laboratory, so that work keeps me at home. I’m working intensively on the discovering of all the important information and details that are unknown about city facilities, public transportation, and structures of business. The descriptions are endless – I mean I really can’t even fit enough words into one song to describe all the goings-on in one song, and I’ve tried. At headquarters we take this work very seriously. We like to dissect the information, operate on it,  interp-re-tate it, and then regurgitate it. You see.

The Department of Descriptive Services in action. Photo: Leva Ann

The Department of Descriptive Services in action. Photo: Leva Ann

BW: That’s fascinating. Now, I want to touch on two more Arizona-related things…

BM: One...

BW: One…is another possible relative, but I’m not quite sure how this works. My understanding is that you have a grandson also from Arizona named  Don Bolles [drummer for Ariel Pink, Germs, and more] and who is a talented musician. And though I’ve heard he’s your grandson, he’s older than you are, so I’m not quite sure…if that could really be…true.

BM: Well, actually it is true. You see, see, I operate under lawlessness [giggles]. I go into detail [about that] in the song “That Law”, where I describe that I live as if international waters are all around [me]. Doing whatever I do, I do exactly every thing that I do. And that is because there are no laws of physics -- no gravitational boundaries or verbal boundaries. I embody that, and it includes extended family members like my grandson Don Bolles because there is no time or linear space. The funny thing is we had a connection before we realized it. It was a long process of discovery because Don Bolles is actually responsible for me being brought to the light. He discovered me in a sense. I don’t think I mentioned that to you. He did. He discovered me in L.A. when I came out from Arizona in my previous show Bebe and Serge. We were opening for Crash Worship somewhere in L.A., promoting my fist vinyl album, Spaced Out Supernova Superstar. So that's when he discovered me. I was the lady singing love songs about "Surfing in Space".  Then we uncovered that he is my future grandson. So, you know, I guess that’s called nepotism, right [extended laughter]?

BW: One last Arizona question. Is the record label Bloat Records connected to D.O.D.S.?

BM: It is, and thank you for bringing that up, because it’s very important that the world – and the entire solar system – knows that I am [singing] the stepmother of Bloat Records. That means that I am the most important figure among the characters that are involved in that. So what I say goes – always – and it’s just great that I do that.

BW: Absolutely. And you use the word “characters”. Bringing it a little closer to Southern California now, I think I saw a painting of you recently, or did I imagine that?

BM: Oooh. Indeed. Indeed. There was a lovely painting done of my liking. My likeness. Yes.

BW: Was that because of the information that you give, or the music you play? Why was somebody painting your likeness?

BM: I think because of the sheer power that information has. Information goes beyond my physical capabilities and realm. A lovely girl, Cameron Tyme Edison, is a beautiful artist, and so talented. She is amazing. She recently had her work shown at Last Projects in Hollywood, and she did a beautiful likeness of me to me liking, as well as a bunch of other people, including Don Bolles, Marieta from L.A. Drones, Maren from Pet Sex, and many others. It was just wonderful, because I looked gorgeous.

BW: You certainly did.

BM: Thank you [laughs].

BW: On the new album, “Night Dreams” is the last track. Is it supposed to be a like a lullaby, or is there another reason it’s the last song on the album? I really like it.

BM: Oh, why thank you. Well, that is actually a wonderful song. It’s a little more abstract in the describeling. I originally had the [singing] divine idea of “night dreams in the city tonight” because I felt that. I just had this overpowering feeling that those were the words [for the song]. Then I discovered there is a brilliant film called Night Dreams. It has gorgeous imagery, and the goings-on in that film are something that I wanted to honor –accidentally—and it just worked out well because I really appreciated that it existed in my unawareness, and then once it came into my awareness, I was like, “Wooooow. Ooooooh. Hello! And goodbye! Night dreams in the city – tonight!"

Governmental was released on cassette and digitally in 2016

Governmental was released on cassette and digitally in 2016

BW: As long as we’re talking about these tracks, I wanted to cover “City Bus”. Do you actually ride the city bus, or is that just a fictional account?

BM: No. I am a creature who has had the experience of thoroughly enjoying public transportation. I believe that public transportation is very important in this world. I think it’s something that not only helps the planet, but it also creates a beautiful experience in one way or another for the entity in doing that. So my thought in honoring that particular form of transportation is that on a city bus – and public transportation in general-- you are aware of and absorbing amazing goings-on. For instance in America, we have beautiful – I’m talking gorgeous – informational postings on the walls of city buses that describe STDs – sexually transmitted diseases—which are a very interesting thing as you start to read about as you’re riding on the public transportation and learning. They really like to promote STDs, and it’s a wonderful thing because there needs to be more awareness of how to protect yourself and how to contract –or not contract—and STD.

BW: And that all happens on the city bus.

BM: Sure. It sure does.

BW: What kind of research does the D.O.D.S. do? I know you’re involved with public pools, the DMV, and more, if I understand correctly.

BM: That is absolutely true, yes. Indeed, we do that. The D.O.D.S. headquarters is in fact a multi-faceted facility to the extent that we have multiple rooms. We have a research lab facility as well as the stage facilities. We’ve also got music capabilities in our in-home recording studios, as well as video workings, a full gym with membership if you are approved, as well as daycare, and a costuming area.

BW: I understand that you have a new addition to the Southern California branch of D.O.D.S. Is that correct?

BM: We sure dooooo.

BW: Who?

BM: Well, his name is Fizzgig, and he’s an opossum. He was discovered out on the city streets, down and out. Lower than low could be. He was injured, and we rescued him. We saved…his…life. We found out about a veterinarian who is so wonderful, and happens to help possums. Now he’s thriving due to the fact that we saved his life and love him. We support him by encouraging him and honoring him, and feeding him eggs and strawberries. He doesn’t like people except for me. He does sit on my shoulder, but he’s very wary because he started out on the Los Angeles streets, and very injured. He’s doing great now, and we’re happy he’s here, and we’re hoping we can get him a pair of jean shorts.

BW: Perfect. Um, where would you get those, do you think?

BM: I think I’m going to have to have them custom made. Our dear friend Paul K. has a wealth of information on the stylings and outfits for tiny creatures -especially cats. Have you seen his Instagram with his cat dressed in her Sunday best? His cat wears wigs like nobody's business, and there also mummies and jeweled skeletons there. Paul K. is a wonderful human being.

BW: On the D.O.D.S. website, it appears you can apply for employment. Is that correct?

BM: Yes, in a way. What you can do is apply to join our team. How we go about doing that is a very simple screening process. We want you to try to join our team. It’s so important that people try to join our team by filling out the online application and go through this process, because we need to know what you’re made of. If you are going to go into describing, you have got to have the guts -- guts galore.

Bebe McPherson and Gary Wilson, who collaborated on the track "Anders Saw Karen Centerfold" Photo: Leva Ann

Bebe McPherson and Gary Wilson, who collaborated on the track "Anders Saw Karen Centerfold" Photo: Leva Ann

BW: Understood. Now, what do 2016 and 2017 hold in store for the D.O.D.S.?

BM: Well, for the rest of the year we are in the midst of working on our informational videos because the videos are imperative to the understanding and comprehension for the public. We need to not only offer the music we exude through our albums, which is not enough, but also visual desribeling all the important content, step-by-step under a microscope, so we’re going back into the work and really bringing light to those influences that we’re hoping to convey. In 2017 there’s a beautiful, monumental recording that I was so happy and lucky to contribute to, along with Karen Centerfold. It’s an R. Stevie Moore and Gary Wilson collaborative album. So many beautiful creatures are on that gorgeous album. As well as more describeling.

BW: For those who don’t know, who are Gary Wilson and Karen Centerfold?

BM: Well. Let me start with this. Karen Centerfold is a wonderful being, and she is one who has so much information to offer to this planet as well. She is a member of the D.O.D.S., but she has not joined our team. She doesn’t join any team – she has her own force. She’s a whirlwind power source. She’s wonderful. She was the muse for the track I collaborated on with her and that gorgeous creature Gary Wilson, produced by Anders Larsson. It was a wonderful one-take wonder.

Gary Wilson on the other hand is the most godly, gorgeous, beautiful-hearted being that I adore more than most. He is a force – a darling creature I met, and I was so lucky that he became my friend via stalking and harassment. I saw him and [Blind Date] Anders, and the rest of the Blind Dates at the Burgerama Show, and I had a major freak out. I had never seen him, and I went there solely to see him. I had to attack, because his music is such pure madness, loving, desperation, and admiration, and stalking.  I just had to jump on the stage and roll around and get involved. And I did. He’s a god.

BW: Well, I feel like there’s going to be a lot of follow-up needed in the future. I’m going to definitely want to talk with you when the next album…

BM: What’s your favorite color? What’s your favorite number? Your lucky number?

BW: Seven.

BM: Thank you. Thank you so much. We wish you the best. The Department of Descriptive Services thinks you are the ultimate, and we appreciate your support, Bobby Weirdo. You are number one in all of it.

You can buy the Department of Descriptive Service’s 2016 release, Governmental, here.



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