Ariel Pink, Kenny Gilmore, and Don Bolles January 1, 2019. Photo: Cameron Murray for WMF

Ariel Pink, Kenny Gilmore, and Don Bolles January 1, 2019. Photo: Cameron Murray for WMF

Weirdo Music Forever is our own little headquarters for weird, fun, and experimental music often escapes the proverbial radar of mainstream culture. This passion project is all about sharing photos, videos, music, words, and thoughts related to some of our favorite artists. While Ariel PinkJohn Maus, R. Stevie Moore, Gary Wilson, inspired this weird corner of the web, we also greatly admire other artists like:

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Clearly, not everything we like and listen to has to be all that weird. For us, though, weirdness is more of an ethos, approach, and zeitgeist than simply doing something bizarre for the sake of being bizarre (though don’t get us wrong, we do love some bizarre stuff!). WMF puts a high premium on the experimental spirit, DIY methods, and anyone with a unique artistic vision that persists despite mainstream and commercial pressures and expectations.

We're constantly updating this site and our other media platforms as we get out, about, and weird, so please do continue to check in with us and spread the word to like-minded souls. While we do We are in the middle of a weird and wonderful story, and it’s our passion, pleasure, and privilege to keep documenting this exciting narrative as it evolves.

A note on submissions: We are flattered by the amount of artists who consistently submit music, videos, media, and links for our consideration. While it is an honor to be a considered a desirable destination for those materials by so many people, we often simply don’t have enough hours in the day to do that work justice by giving it the consideration it deserves. That being said, we have indeed established lasting relationships with artists via online interaction, so please do feel free to help us get familiar with you by regularly visiting us via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and this site. As always, the more material you may already have available in the way of videos, songs, photos, etc. the better.