Weirdo Music Forever is our own little headquarters for weird, fun, and experimental music that is great, but usually escapes the proverbial radar of mainstream culture. Quite simply, this passion project is all about sharing photos, videos, music, words, and thoughts related to some of our favorite artists. While we tend to focus on R. Stevie Moore, Ariel PinkJohn Maus, and Gary Wilson, we also admire other friends and artists like:


....and more!   

Now as you see, not everything we like and listen to has to be all that weird. For us, though, weirdness is more of an ethos, approach, and zeitgeist than simply doing something bizarre for the sake of being bizarre. We put a high premium on the experimental spirit, DIY methods, and anyone with a unique artistic vision that persists despite mainstream and commercial pressures.

We're constantly updating this site and our other media platforms as we get out, about, and weird, so please do continue to check in with us and spread the word to like-minded souls.  Feel free to be in touch with photos, videos, or music you think we'd enjoy!