Weirdo Music Forever is something in which we've found  lot of fun and reward. Quite simply, we like sharing photos, videos, music, and thoughts about some of our favorite artists. While we tend to focus on R. Stevie Moore, Ariel Pink, and Gary Wilson, we also admire other friends and artists like:

Jad Fair                                               Diane Coffee

Cellars                                                Charles 

Jerry Solomon                                   Harvey Sid Fisher

L.A. Drones                                       The Department of Descriptive Services

John Maus                                          Jimmy Whispers

Puro Instinct                                      Native Fauna    

Sloppy Jane                                       Danny James

Part Time                                          Jason Falkner

Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.            Fatal Jamz....and more!   

Now as you see, not everything we like and listen to has to be all that weird. For us, though, weirdness is more of an ethos, or approach, than simply doing something bizarre for the sake of being bizarre. We put a high premium on DIY methods, supporting community for those not afraid to mess with the tired formulas, and anyone with a unique artistic vision.

We're constantly updating this site and our other media platforms as we get out, about, and weird, so please do continue to check in with us, spread the word, and feel free to be in touch with photos, videos, or music you think we'd enjoy!